Human Pose Tracking System

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Human Pose Tracking System - Developed by VRM Switzerland

Operating switches naturally in a virtual reality environment is now state-of-the-art. In common VR applications, it is generally difficult to perform manipulations. VRM Switzerland solved this problem by developing a precise Pose Tracking System which allows the pilot to see his hand and body movements in the virtual world. It requires neither gloves nor additional sensors. A full-scale replica cockpit with all relevant controls gives the pilot a haptic feedback when operating knobs, buttons and engine control components. In combination with the dynamic motion platform, high-resolution 3D view and simulation of control forces, the Pose Tracking System contributes to full-body immersion as the pilot intuitively manipulates as in the real helicopter. Try it out.


  • No gloves or capturing suite needed
  • State-of-the-art real-time human pose tracking system
  • No tracking points needed
  • Full body real time capturing

System Description:

Several cameras are mounted in the cockpit at specific positions and angles to ensure that all parts of the pilot’s body are visible. Based on the estimated human body posture of the pilot, the flight simulation software renders a realistic avatar with the correct pose in real time.