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Wanna Fly Like Me - Air Zermatt

A success story at Air Zermatt. In a co-creation Air Zermatt and VRM Switzerland offered during one week simulator flight sessions to the public as a special offer. 28 enthusiastic “pilots” benefited from flying around Zermatt virtually in a professional training device. The offer to fly the simulator is still open to everyone. Try it out! Fly Virtual. Feel Real.


We are overwhelmed by the many inquiries and the interest that we received during the special week. And also by the consistently positive feedback that the visitors gave us. We were really able to send everyone home happy.

Gerold Biner

Pilot / FI
Heliport Zermatt

Professional Training Device

Air Zermatt opened their simulator centre at the heliport in Zermatt in spring 2022. The professional training device in an Airbus H125 version is qualified by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and used be Air Zermatt for professional pilot training and checking. This training device is developed and produced by VRM Switzerland, the leading manufacturer of virtual training helicopter training devices. The simulator was tested by Airbus Helicopters factory test pilots and instructors and wears the label “Airbus approved training device”.

Various visitors

A wide variety of interested persons visited Air Zermatt to take the opportunity to try out the simulator. Some received the flight as a birthday present during vacation in Zermatt. Other travelled specially from Germany or Austria. Some took the opportunity to combine the flight with a short stay in Zermatt. Several young persons who want to become professional helicopter pilots came by. From a real flight training lesson, even executing sling load operation, to just enjoying and exploring the scenery of the Alps. Everybody shaped the flight in his way and was delighted about the experience.

VRM Switzerland's unique Flight Assistance allows instructors to familiarize students with helicopter flying step by step. The realistic simulation enables the pilot to experience flying like in reality. This leads to a fast learning and the ability to equally reproduce the learned in the right helicopter.

Christoph Ammann
Flight Instructor,
VRM Switzerland

Fly like real

These qualifications enable to fly the simulator like the real helicopter without any risk, at lower costs and without burning any fuel. A Flight Assistance (virtual flight instructor) enables to adjust the flight program to the abilities of the pilot. So, everybody has a maximum profit of the flight experience. After starting up the helicopter and a take-off at the heliport in Zermatt the 360° 3D panoramic view fascinated all participants exploring the phantastic scenery of the mountains around Zermatt. The visitors were introduced into helicopter flying by attitude flying exercises taking over the flight controls one by one, like in a professional flight lesson, without being overstrained. In a further step hovering the helicopter could be explored.

This week has shown how well the cooperation between Air Zermatt and VRM Switzerland works. We are as enthusiastic as our guests about the flight simulator - a great experience!

Sara Fux

Head of Marketing
Heliport Zermatt

Air Zermatt up close

All the “pilots” had the opportunity to experience Air Zermatt authentic and up close. Having a look at the rescue helicopter Bell 429 and the Airbus H125 fleet in a private tour around the heliport. Having the chance talking to pilots and taking pictures with Gerold Biner were some other high lights.

The flight simulator delighted young and old alike, and in some cases entire families traveled a long way to see it. I was surprised how much the visitors learned in the first flight lesson and how well they flew the helicopter.

Tizian Gruber

Heliport Zermatt

Try it out!

The possibility to fly the simulator still exists. You can fly at any time and any weather. Traveling to Zermatt or during your vacation. This simulator flight is always a great present!

Some of our visitors were very surprised at the fine motor skills required to control a helicopter. The flying lessons really lit a fire in some of them and triggered enthusiasm for the pilot's license. We thank VRM Switzerland for the uncomplicated cooperation - the chemistry was right from the first moment.

Sandro Imboden

Head of Ground Operation / NPGO
Assistant Director
Heliport Zermatt

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