Professional Flight Training Solutions
Taking Helicopter flight simulation to the next level of unprecedented quality

Training Concept

helicopter training solutions

The most important safety feature in aviation is a well-trained pilot working in an optimised environment.

Organisations and regulatory authorities (ICAO, EASA, FAA) are committed to improving flight safety. Evidence-based training, competency-based training and scenario-based training are important pillars in modern flight operations. Human factor aspects are a key part of this. The experts at VRM Switzerland translate this knowledge into a modern, state-of-the-art training solution. The synchronised combination of the individual modules (simulator, helicopter, training concept) gives an instructor the opportunity to optimally teach a trainee: A Professional Flight Training Solution includes all parts.

Your Benefits

The training concept of integrating simulator-based training into flight training generally increases learning effectiveness and efficiency. This increases retention, reduces errors and pilots are better prepared for their missions.

  • Train normal and emergency situations in a safe and highly realistic environment (PPL / CPL / Vuichard exercises)
  • Be ready for your next critical situation: train your muscle memory and reflexes
  • Practice single pilot resource management in scenario based trainings

Find out how you can benefit from our VRM Training Solution:

Improve your confidence for your next check ride. No matter what real weather conditions prevail outside, you can perform refreshers at any time and in any weather. Ready for the next challenge? With scenario-based training, you will improve your situational awareness and learn to master unforeseen situations calmly and systematically.

As an experienced pilot, you will especially benefit from simulator training. Push the envelope to its limits! Train demanding scenarios and emergency procedures that cannot be trained on a real helicopter for safety reasons – completely risk-free on the simulator.

Train on a budget and still get the best possible proficiency. Simulator training hours can be used much more efficiently to train and repeat specific procedures, plus they are much cheaper compared to real helicopter flight time.

Overall gain: Pure joy and more confidence for your next real helicopter flight experience!


Need to prepare for your refreshers, license checks or upgrades? Increase your flying precision and practise more hours methodically while paying less “flying” on the simulator.

World premiere: HESLO mission training. Learn mirror and vertical reference techniques. Gain highest accuracy and refine your skills with the SRS MPVK (Maximum Pilot View Kit) virtually on our VRM Training Solution.


Integrate the VRM Training Solution into your classroom lessons to show actions live. It offers unprecedented possibilities to demonstrate peculiar procedures, failures or consequences of errors without any risk.

Teach your students basic manoeuvres, advanced techniques and emergency procedures on the simulator. In the safe and appropriate environment, instruction means less workload for you and your trainees will learn faster. Thereafter they will be able to apply the learned in the real helicopter close to mastery level.

Train yourself to be ready for any critical situation with students.


Flying VFR in IMC? Boost your training efficiency and schedule your students for flight training on the VRM Training Solution under virtually perfect weather conditions, regardless of the forecast.

Your students will graduate at a high skill level and need less average flight time to obtain their pilot licenses – a gain in safety and a boot to your reputation.

Reserve your training solution today and set the new standards in flight training with us. Be among the first ATOs to offer the most advanced flight training compared to your competitors.


Maximise your efficiency scheduling internal trainings, refreshers or proficiency checks. Maintain your pilots’ proficiency particularly for rare, demanding missions, ideally during idle times.

Train your junior pilots step by step to highest proficiency. After an initial investment, you can operate our Training Solution at practically no extra cost compared to flight time on a real helicopter, without burning a drop of kerosine.


Offer your customers a tailor-made flight training solution that perfectly matches your helicopter model. This enables them to train all important procedures and to better qualify pilots on your helicopter models in comparison to competitors.

Promote your helicopter products and use the Flight Training Solution as a demonstrator for presentations, events and exhibitions.

Enjoy your first real flying experience as a skilled student. The competency you achieve with the VRM Training Solution will save you from having to pay for additional hours of real flight time. As a result, you save money and get a higher proficiency – a double gain! Students regularly exceed the legal minimum of 45h of helicopter flight time to obtain their private pilot license. Experience shows that serious helicopter training requires an average of 60h of helicopter flight time. Implementing the VRM training concept enables you to complete your pilot training within 45h of real helicopter flight time. Take a look at our experiment: Hovering a real helicopter for the first time Additionally, you benefit from its unique advantages Practise independently at any time and in any weather. Learn to fly in winter and enjoy the real flight experience in summer Focus on tricky routine exercises until you reach proficiency Use your time efficiently for de-/briefings: no fuelling, no warm-ups, no flight time to training areas, no helicopter cleaning Train abnormal and emergency procedures risk-free Concentrate on the essentials in a much quieter and climatically more comfortable environment Gain an edge over traditional student pilots