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R22 Simulator: The trainer simulates a Robinson R22 helicopter including steering forces. The cockpit is functional and all the required operating elements are available. Read more …


H125 Simulator: From the familiarisation to a turbine helicopter to demanding scenario-based trainings, mountain flying and emergency trainings, simulation is tailored o the needs of the trainee. Read more …


HESLO Trainer: The world’s first realistic professional HESLO – Helicopter External Sling Load Operations Training Solution. Read more …


AW09 Trainer: This solution is developed together with the kopter group. It will be a fully functional simulation of kopter’s AW09 single engine helicopter.

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Success Stories

VRM Switzerland’s Simulator will be used for research at ZHAW at the Centre for Aviation

Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) has selected VRM Switzerland as the most suitable company for a research partnership and has purchased a virtual reality helicopter simulator.

At the Centre for Aviation, the team for Flight Mechanics and Flight Control Systems uses the simulator for projects in its fields of interest (flight mechanics and flight control system) as well as in human factor and human‐machine-interface.

A motion-based simulator is required because motion feedback to the pilot is fundamental to achieve the required realism in various flight conditions, such as hover operation close to the ground or upset recovery training in general aviation. In addition, it should take advantage of VR technology.

Heli Austria Flight Academy is going to operate two Virtual Reality Helicopter Flight Simulators

Heli Austria Flight Academy is going to operate a Robinson R22 and an Airbus H125 Training Device from VRM Switzerland. The Robinson R22 Training Solution will be utilized to modernize basic helicopter pilot training within the Academy.

Students can benefit from state-of-the-art training up to commercial operations. The Airbus H125 Simulator will enable training and checking of commercial pilots. All this improves flight safety, is more cost-efficient and environmentally friendly.


“Heli Austria is constantly searching for innovative solutions to improve flight safety throughout the entire helicopter industry. To reduce the environmental pollution is another objective of the company. With the Training Solution from VRM Switzerland, we have found a product which also supports our efforts in a cost-efficient manner.” Roy Knaus, Owner & CEO Heli Austria.

Colorado Highland Helicopters is the first US customer

Colorado Highland Helicopters (CHH), based in Durango, CO, is the first US helicopter operator to order a VRM H125 VR Training Solution. This purchase opens the door for US pilots to improve their competencies on an EASA qualified training concept.


Valuable collaboration brings sophisticated technology to the US

Colorado Highland Helicopters has ordered a VRM Virtual Reality Helicopter Training Solution for professional flight training. In April 2021, the first VR flight training device in a Robinson R22 configuration was successfully qualified with EASA. “The version of an Airbus H125 will follow shortly, showing the potential of such training equipment. FAA qualification is being sought in order to also obtain credits for pilot training under Federal Aviation Rules.” says Fabi Riesen, CEO of VRM Switzerland.