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VRM Switzerland’s Simulator will be used for research at Zurich University of Applied Sciences at the Centre for Aviation

15. September 2021

Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) has selected VRM Switzerland as the most suitable company for a research partnership and has purchased a virtual reality helicopter simulator. At the Centre for Aviation, the team for Flight Mechanics and Flight Control Systems uses the simulator for projects in its fields of interest (flight mechanics and flight control system) as well as in human factor and human‐machine-interface. 

Read the full press release here.

Heli Austria Flight Academy is going to operate two Virtual Reality Helicopter Flight Simulators

16. July 2021

Heli Austria Flight Academy is going to operate a Robinson R22 and an Airbus H125 Training Device from VRM Switzerland. The Robinson R22 Training Solution will be utilized to modernize basic helicopter pilot training within the Academy. Students can benefit from state-of-the-art training up to commercial operations. The Airbus H125 Simulator will enable training and checking of commercial pilots. All this improves flight safety, is more cost-efficient and environmentally friendly.

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The first EASA-qualified virtual flight simulator with Varjo VR: Live Q&A

06. July 2021

We hope you enjoyed the Varjo webinar “How VRM Switzerland achieved the first EASA-qualified VR flight simulator using Varjo virtual reality” featuring our collaborator VRM Switzerland. We received many interesting questions during the live session. Great thanks to all who joined the expert panelists for this inspiring, intriguing discussion. To address every question and foster further discussion, Varjo and VRM Switzerland teamed up to deliver this in-depth complement to the webinar event. See what the panelists have to say and tell us what you think.

Read the full Q&A here.

Colorado Highland Helicopters is the first US customer

01. July 2021

Colorado Highland Helicopters (CHH), based in Durango, CO, is the first US helicopter operator to order a VRM H125 VR Training Solution. This purchase opens the door for US pilots to improve their competencies on an EASA qualified training concept.


Read the full press release here.

Helitrans - Strong belief of commercial operators

26. April 2021

Customers have already responded positively to the qualification of the simulator solution. Today the Norwegian company Helitrans has reserved two spots of the AS350/H125 out of the existing 15 qualification slots in 2021, and confirmed options for the R44, AW09, H135 and H145. This shows impressively that schools and professional operators have been waiting for a VR simulator solution for a long time, with which flight training can be improved and also simplified. The qualification now gives them the certainty that the investment will pay off.

Read the full press release here.

World’s first qualified Virtual Reality Training Device allows time to be credited towards flight training.

26. April 2021

As a world premiere, EASA qualifies a type-specific Robinson R22 Virtual Reality Training Device developed and built by VRM Switzerland. The version for the Airbus H125 will follow shortly. Thanks to a unique technology developed in-house, the Swiss high-tech training solution provider is the first to receive approval for a VR training solution from an aviation authority. Pilots can now have simulator time credited to their flight training and benefit from the high training value of the device. Flight schools and helicopter companies thus increase flight safety in the operation of their helicopters. Read the full press release here.

Max and Simon, we're celebrating you today! Congratulations on your graduation and best wishes for the next part of the journey at VRM Switzerland!

26. September 2020

We congratulate Max and Simon and we are very proud of their outstanding performance! VRM Switzerland was once again invited to the graduation ceremony at the University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil (Ost). We are proud to have Simon and Max on board. Together we develop one of the best helicopter simulators in the world.

Press Release VRM Switzerland completes second funding round

25. Mai 2020

VRM Switzerland raises CHF 9 Mio. in Series B funding Schaffhausen, 25 May 2020 – VRM Switzerland is excited to announce completion of its latest CHF 9 Mio. funding round with a group of private investors. The additional equity will enable VRM Switzerland to not only support the scaling up of the production, the internationalization of the business and the expansion of the product range, but also to increase its focus on the early availability of international certification. In combination with its continued efforts in product and service innovation, the funds will enable VRM Switzerland to further strengthen its position as VR-technology leader in the helicopter simulator market and to offer its clients substantial benefit and truly groundbreaking training opportunities.


VRM Switzerland in Heliops magazine

31. March 2020

Heliops magazine New Zealand had visited the HAI Heli-Expo 2020 and is talking about the game changing VR helicopter simulation.


VRM Switzerland is pleased about the report in the AeroRevue

26. March 2020

VRM Switzerland published a report about its Helicopter Training Solutions in the 4/2020 edition of the AeroRevue, the Swiss aviation magazine


The hard work was worth it - congratulations to Flurina

28. February 2020

End of sping semester 2020, VRM Switzerland and Flurina celebrated her graduation ceremony with our innovative and industry-oriented research partner, the University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil (HSR). We congratulate Flurina on her excellent degree and welcome her as another member of our young team.



Aiming for optimized solutions through targeted cooperation

Air Zermatt Reaches New Heights in Simulator Training with VRM Switzerland’s H125 Trainer

28. January 2020

Air Zermatt has selected VRM Switzerland as its supplier for an innovative training solution based on virtual reality (VR) technology. The simulator’s visual system provides 3D vision with unprecedented resolution. “This will allow our discerning pilots to effectively train for difficult scenarios on mountain landing sites, with bright sunshine and under various snow conditions such as white-outs,” says Air Zermatt CEO Gerold Biner.

The simulator can also be used for other scenarios, such as external load training (HESLO), autorotation and vortex recovery, using a validated flight data model.

The small environmental footprint and the cost-effective price were important criteria for Air Zermatt when it selected VRM Switzerland’s simulator. In the long run, it will enable Air Zermatt to conduct more in-house training, allowing it to reduce the travel costs and time involved in traveling to other training centers. All this while doing something good for the environment in Zermatt.

“We have not found anything on the market that comes close to the solution that VRM Switzerland is offering in terms of quality and technology,” says Biner. “And I would like to mention the ultimate key to a successful partnership. We here at Air Zermatt are very passionate about what we do. So it was great to find in VRM Switzerland a team that is equally passionate about what they do: Offering the demanding pilot the best simulator experience.”


About Air Zermatt Ltd:

Air Zermatt Ltd was founded in 1968 with just a helicopter, a pilot and a mechanic. Today, Air Zermatt employs around 75 people: Pilots, paramedics, transport paramedics, flight assistants, mechanics, mission leaders and administrative staff. Air Zermatt has continually evolved through its more than 50-year history, from the “basic” helicopter, which was used exclusively for rescue operations, to a fleet of ten helicopters. All kinds of transports, tourist flights and rescue operations from the simple to the extreme can be carried out with this fleet. More information at

Air Zermatt Ltd
Gerold Biner
CEO / Pilot

VRM Switzerland will take part at the 1. Schweizer Helitag.

VRM-Switzerland Season's greetings 2019/20

28. December 2019

Best wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year from the VRM-Switzerland team!

Game-changer for helicopter safety

12. December 2019

We are very happy and grateful that we could present our VR based helicopter flight training solution at this year’s EASA Rotorcraft and VTOL Symposium. Great get so much positive feedback from ambitious helicopter pilots!

Our product is now fully industrialised, with all key capabilities developed in-house. The Control Loading System finally achieves the high quality that real helicopter pilots are expecting from a simulator. Thanks to calibrated flight models we can deliver a true flight experience in the virtual world.

«Virtual reality training is quickly becoming a game-changer for helicopter safety as demonstrated by this simulator at the Rotorcraft & VTOL Symposium which helps the helicopter community better understand the exciting possibilities.»

Riskless training of the vortex ring state recovery procedure

6. November 2019

In October 2019, the US Federal Aviation Administration released an update of the Helicopter Flying Handbook. The Vuichard Safety Technique to recover from a vortex ring state is now included in this version. VRM Switzerland’s virtual reality motion simulator allows to practice vortex ring state recovery procedures in different flight situations even close to ground.

The industry-leading realistic flight simulation allows to simulate vortex ring states in different phases of flight. It is possible to train the recovery from such a condition even close to ground. This is important because vortex ring state is one of the causes of fatal accidents. For safety reasons, training of escape procedures in real flight is only feasible high above ground.

Claude Vuichard has tested the vortex ring state simulation on the VRM simulator. He says: “This is the most realistic helicopter simulator ever built”. The simulation is currently available for Robinson R22 and Airbus H125 helicopters.

Congratulations to our diploma students

16. October 2019

We congratulate our diploma students on their excellent degrees. Achieving these outstanding results by our young team members fills us with pride. Once again it has become clear how valuable the close cooperation with our innovative and industry-oriented research partner, the University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil (HSR), is. Through this long-standing and successful collaboration with the Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering|Innovation degree program, our team is continuously growing with highly qualified engineers. We will continue this cooperation in the future when HSR Rapperswil together with NTB Buchs and FHS St.Gallen, the new OST University of Applied Sciences, will continue to pursue it with pleasure and passion.

Wir gratulieren unseren Diplomanden und Diplomandinnen zu den exzellenten Abschlüssen. Das Erreichen dieser hervorragenden Resultate durch unseren jungen Teammitgliedern erfüllt uns mit Stolz. Wieder hat sich gezeigt, wie wertvoll die enge Zusammenarbeit mit unserem innovativen und industrienahen Forschungspartner Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil (HSR) ist. Durch diese langjährige und erfolgreiche Kollaboration mit dem Elektrotechnik- und dem Maschinentechnik|Innovation-Studiengang wächst unser Team kontinuierlich mit bestausgebildeten Ingenieurinnen und Ingenieuren. Diese Zusammenarbeit werden wir auch in der Zukunft, wenn die HSR Rapperswil zusammen mit der NTB Buchs und der FHS St.Gallen, die neue Fachhochschule OST bilden, mit Freude und Leidenschaft weiter betreiben.

Virtual reality, full-motion simulator now in service

9. October 2019

VRMotion, a Swiss startup offering a virtual reality (VR) flight simulator, is working with the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) on new standards for such training devices while the company’s launch customers have begun finding uses for the lower-cost technology.

First flight in a real helicopter after VR motion simulator training

19. August 2019

Four friends without any aviation experience have been exclusively trained on our Virtual Reality Motion Simulator. A certified flight instructor taught them virtually how to take off, hover and land a Robinson R22 helicopter. They all excellently applied what they have learned on the simulator and were able to control the real helicopter within tight tolerances right from the start.

This demonstration clearly shows the impressive potential of the new VRM Flight Training Solution.

Learning to fly with VR glasses and flight simulator with motion platform

18. June 2019

A special prize was awarded to Prof. Dr. Guido Schuster from the ICOM Institute for Communication Systems. Together with VRMotion AG from Schaffhausen, the ICOM Institute for Communication Systems has developed the world’s first Virtual Reality (VR) Motion Simulator for aircraft and helicopter training. The combination of mechanical movement, VR glasses and a physical-mathematical inner ear model makes flying a physical experience that even trained pilots can barely distinguish from reality.

First launching customer: Mountainflyers integrates the VRM Flight Training Solution into helicopter training

30. April 2019

Rain or shine, day or night – in the simulator you can fly at any time.

Students are able to train all relevant procedures and manoeuvres on the R22 and H125 Flight Training Solutions without burning a single drop of kerosene.

Newly-signed strategic alliance with kopter

19. Februar 2019